Shaun Robinson Like You've Never Seen Her!
celebrity style, Shaun Robinson
In our exclusive photoshoot with Shaun Robinson, she really brought her fierce factor! Though always stylish, the journalist and television personality is usually in more conservative, classic pieces! For TBW Style Report, she stepped out of the box a little and turned on the edge. For look one, stylist Nicole Allowitz dressed her in a gold vintage gown! For the second look, Shaun delivers in an ostrich feather frock and Jimmy Choo boots!
In our chat with Shaun, one of the things she wanted our readers to know was, "This is such a wonderful time for Black women, especially when one of our own is in the White House. I am so thankful that I am alive at a time when we have role models such as Michelle Obama. I want us all to own who we are and not let anyone else define our beauty. We are fabulous queens, and we should embrace that!"
*from TBW Style Report Apr/May '12

Photograpaher: Christopher Voelker
Stylist: Nicole Allowitz

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