Support Torn Lobes with Lobe Wonder!
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Lobe Wonder, also known as Earlift, is the answer to a big hoop-wearing chick's prayers! Years of wearing heavy earrings can cause the actual piecing in your earlobe to stretch and sometimes tear. Lobe Wonder is a small sticker that you place on the back of the piercing hole. When you insert your earring through the whole, the sticker acts as a support to keep the earring lifted and prevent any further tearing or stretching. Even if you've been lucky enough to get this far without your lobe stretching, Lobe Wonder is a great idea to keep it that way! Each box contains 60 disposable stickers, or patches, and only costs $6.00! We've used them and they actually work. They're easy to apply and their location and transparency make them impossible to spot. No one will ever know you're wearing them! You can get an idea of how they work by looking at the before and after picture on the packaging (pictured above). Order at!

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Posted On: May 22,2014
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jewelry box, lobe wonder, earrings, heavy earrings, torn lobes
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