Bloomingdales Gives Back
Last Modified: 01 Mar 2012 13:47
In celebration of Black History Month, Bloomingdales will be offering shoppers the opportunity to support the Do Obuntu Orphan Bracelet Campaign in South Africa with the sale of a special (and stylish!) Ubuntu bracelet. The Ubuntu bracelet empowers women in South Africa living with HIV/AIDS to earn an income for their families through handcrafting bracelets. Ubuntu comes from the Zulu word meaning a deeper understanding of humanity.

*The Ubuntu bracelet retails for $15 each, and Bloomingdales is proud to donate $7.50 from the sale of each bracelet to Mentoring USA, a national nonprofit organization under the HELP USA umbrella that is dedicated to creating positive and supportive mentoring relationships for at-risk youths. The individually crafted bracelets support the Do Ubuntu Orphan Bracelet Campaign in South Africa.

*The bracelet is available now at select Bloomingdales (1-800-232-1854)
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